Revealing a New Era of Digital Privacy with Galxe Identity Protocol: Mainnet Launch

Revealing a New Era of Digital Privacy with Galxe Identity Protocol: Mainnet Launch

Revealing a New Era of Digital Privacy with Galxe Identity Protocol: Mainnet Launch


Apr 11, 2024




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Galxe introduces Galxe Identity Protocol as a new way for users to manage and share verifiable credentials across the Web3 ecosystem.
Galxe introduces Galxe Identity Protocol as a new way for users to manage and share verifiable credentials across the Web3 ecosystem.
Galxe introduces Galxe Identity Protocol as a new way for users to manage and share verifiable credentials across the Web3 ecosystem.

Galxe is excited to unveil the next step forward in user privacy, security, and sovereignty with the mainnet launch of Galxe Identity Protocol — permissionless self-sovereign identity infrastructure that leverages advanced Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) to enhance security and user autonomy without compromising privacy. Put simply, Galxe Identity Protocol is designed to empower you with absolute control over your digital identity and private data, even in public verification scenarios.

Introducing Galxe Identity Protocol

The mainnet launch of Galxe Identity Protocol marks the beginning of a transformative era in managing and sharing verifiable credentials across the Web3 landscape. It leverages advanced Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, offering a cryptographic solution that allows for the verification of confidential data without exposing the data itself. This ensures that you, as the credential holder, can authenticate your identity securely while maintaining the integrity and privacy of your information. With Galxe Identity Protocol, step into the future of digital identity where the security and privacy of your data take precedence.

Building on this foundation, the protocol enables the generation of verifications, known as Proofs, within seconds. This can be done through the Galxe Identity Vault across both browser and mobile devices, facilitating an authentication process that can be executed on-chain at minimal expense. To address potential challenges like Proof duplication, Galxe Identity Protocol introduces a versatile identity commitment schema. This schema enhances privacy and makes the underlying data untraceable, offering an added layer of data protection even during on-chain verification processes.

Completing this innovative framework, Galxe Identity Protocol prioritizes user experience by allowing issuers to create new credentials effortlessly within a no-code environment. This simplicity is taken a step further with a unique aggregation mechanism that streamlines the credential issuance process. It achieves this by enabling the minting of a Soulbound Token (SBT), thereby simplifying the issuance of credentials like never before.

Use Cases

Leveraging a chain-agnostic framework that facilitates seamless integration across blockchains, Galxe Identity Protocol’s flexible architecture features a wide spectrum of applications.

  • Sybil Prevention — Galxe Identity Protocol serves as a shield against Sybil attacks through the implementation of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) mechanisms. Unlike traditional KYC solutions, the integration of ZKP permits users to have full discretion over the accessible data, thereby ensuring the privacy and security of personal data.

  • Reputation System — Traditional reputation systems typically operate independently, resulting in data silos with incomplete reputation information or the lack of mobility across platforms and services. Galxe Identity Protocol provides the opportunity to create a decentralized, transparent, and secure reputation system that enhances the versatility of reputation systems across platforms.

  • Credit System — Implementing a permissionless credential protocol like Galxe Identity Protocol allows platforms to leverage a more complete and diverse dataset for verifying and evaluating creditworthiness. This approach lays the foundation for a more precise and holistic view of an individual’s creditworthiness, establishing critical pillars for in-depth financial evaluation.

  • Achievement System — Like reputation systems, having an achievement system that operates within specific platforms creates silos where achievements earned in one application cannot be utilized or are not recognized in other applications. As a result, the value and impact of achievements are bound to individual ecosystems. Galxe Identity Protocol breaks this barrier by enabling transferable achievements. The value of achievements on one platform goes beyond the individual ecosystems, empowering users to build on their achievements across the ecosystem.

  • Personal Data Market — In today’s digital landscape, control over personal data often rests with platforms, not users. Now, picture a scenario where you have the autonomy to dictate how your data is utilized and shared, including the ability to trade this information for enhanced services and financial rewards. Galxe Identity Protocol is designed to facilitate this revolutionary change, putting the power of data back into the hands of the individual.

  • Identity Verification — Traditional identity verification methods, which rely on physical documents or IDs, are vulnerable to fraud, including photoshopped IDs, counterfeit credentials, or AI-manipulated documents. Such deceptive tactics compromise the verification process’s integrity and trust. This challenge can be addressed by deploying digitally verifiable, tamper-proof credentials. Consequently, individuals can share their verified identity information securely and conveniently, eliminating the risks associated with forgery and manipulation.

  • Decentralized Review System — Galxe Identity Protocol extends its utility beyond personal identity data to encompass other entities, including businesses, specific products, and services. This versatility enables developers to construct decentralized review systems by aggregating reviews across the network. As a result, consumers gain access to more reliable and credible review outcomes, enhancing trust and transparency in the evaluation of products and services.

About Galxe

Galxe is a decentralized super app and web3’s largest onchain distribution platform. Through its robust infrastructure and product suite of modular AI, digital identity, and blockchain technologies — Quest, Passport, Score, Compass, and Alva — Galxe supports the development of advanced, user-friendly web3 applications with an emphasis on secure and self-sovereign digital identity management. The recent introduction of Gravity, a layer 1 omnichain leveraging Galxe’s infrastructure, enables developers to tap into Galxe’s 20 million users and create new products that help onboard the world to web3.

About Gravity

Gravity is a Layer 1 blockchain designed for mass adoption and an omnichain future. Its approach abstracts the technical complexities of multichain interactions, integrating advanced technologies like Zero-Knowledge Proofs, state-of-the-art consensus mechanisms, and restaking-powered architecture to ensure high performance, enhanced security, and cost efficiency. Gravity serves the 20 million users in Galxe’s ecosystem, delivering a seamless and inviting experience to web3’s largest onchain distribution network.

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