Introducing Linea Voyage, presented by Galxe and Linea

Introducing Linea Voyage, presented by Galxe and Linea

Introducing Linea Voyage, presented by Galxe and Linea


May 2, 2023




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As the Web3 community pushes ahead in its mission to define the next era of the internet, Galxe also steps into an exciting new chapter.
As the Web3 community pushes ahead in its mission to define the next era of the internet, Galxe also steps into an exciting new chapter.
As the Web3 community pushes ahead in its mission to define the next era of the internet, Galxe also steps into an exciting new chapter.

A Project’s scalability and efficiency are of utmost importance in the world of web3. For those looking for a more productive and secure platform for decentralized applications, then you might be interested in Linea.

Built by ConsenSys, Linea is a zkEVM Layer 2 that utilizes the scalability properties of zkEVM to provide faster transaction times and higher throughput. zkEVM, a zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) enabled version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), ensures that transactions and smart contract execution are validated without revealing any sensitive information. This not only enhances security but also enables a more scalable and efficient platform. With Linea, you can revolutionize the way you build and use decentralized applications.

Introducing Linea, a zkEVM Layer 2 by ConsenSys

After launching the most known crypto wallet MetaMask and developer toolkits Infura and Truffle, ConsenSys is taking another great step to expand their family with Linea. A zkEVM Layer 2, Linea just went public with its permissionless testnet on March 28th, and you are invited to join their community of early adopters and developers!

As an early experiment, Linea is inviting its community to help test the network and prepare it for mainnet later this year. Teaming up with Galxe, Linea is providing a unique opportunity for you to dive into the ecosystem and get rewarded for testing the water and providing feedback!

Introducing Linea Voyage, a public-testnet quest that welcomes all Web3 enthusiasts and builders! Featuring their Week 1 ecosystem partners including Connext, Multichain, LI.FI, Celer, & Hop Protocol–you can now explore scaling solutions on Linea!

To better reward and recognize sophisticated early adopters, the Linea Voyage will be taking place on Galxe. The leading Web3 community-building platform, Galxe has powered numerous ecosystem loyalty and learning programs for other EVM Layer 2s, including Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon.

“Linea is thrilled to partner with Galxe for our Linea Voyage. Galxe has an outstanding team and platform and worked closely with us to design an approach that would be valuable for our users, partners and network. We’re proud to have Galxe alongside us as we work together to scale Linea and Ethereum.”

— JT Rose, Director Of Linea’s Product Marketing

With huge success in past campaigns, Galxe is more than prepared to take you for a ride on Linea!

Linea Voyage: The Campaign Begins

NOTE: Each week, this blog will be updated with the current theme, partners and tasks involved.

Week 5: Tech and Dev

  • Hapi is tasking users to:

  1. Send transactions from your wallet and investigate them on HAPI (How to Guide)

  • ThirdWeb is tasking users to:

  1. Deploy a TokenDrop (ERC-20) Contract

  2. Make your token claimable by users

  3. Claim 10 tokens to your wallet

  4. Transfer one of your tokens to the quest completion address

  • GoPlus Security is tasking users to:

  1. Select all 8 risk-free tokens out of the 20 tokens in the Linea Fortress Escape

Week 4: NFT Reveal

  1. Watch the Linea Voyage: NFT Week Recap + Week 4 Kickoff on YouTube

  2. Retweet the Week 4 Task Announcement

  3. Vote for your favorite swag on Linea’s Snapshot proposal

Week 3: NFT

  • NFTs2me is tasking users to:

  1. Create and deploy a new NFT Project on Linea Testnet

  2. Change phase from “Closed” to “Public” (Open)

  3. Mint at least one NFT from the project Minting Page

  4. Send a Soulbound Airdrop to ENS address nfts2me.eth

  5. Create a Token Gated Content

  • GhostNFT is tasking users to:

  1. Claim free Linea Testnet gNFT

  2. Register ERC721 NFT Collection by dispersing at least 0.05 ETH

  3. Add collateral to your NFT collections via GhostNFT

  4. Redeem collateral from NFTs via GhostNFT

  5. Add collateral to the GHOST NFT collection

  6. Redeem collateral from the GHOST NFT collection

  • Bilinear is tasking users to:

  1. Mint collection on Bilinear

  2. Mint NFT on Bilinear

  3. Buy NFT on Bilinear

  4. Sell NFT on Bilinear

  5. Mint game NFT on Bilinear

  • Zonic is tasking users to:

  1. Mint the Linea x Zonic NFT collection on Zonic

  2. List any NFT on Zonic

  3. Buy any NFT on Zonic

  4. Transfer any NFT using Zonic’s transfer function

Week 2: SOCIAL

  • Participate in the Linea Emoji Poll

  • Retweet this Tweet

  • Participate in Linea Voyage Week2 Kickoff Twitter Space

  • Watch the Bridge Week Recap YouTube Video


Bridging in web3 refers to the process of transferring digital assets or cryptocurrencies between different blockchain networks or protocols. With the rise of various blockchain networks and protocols, bridging has become an essential component of the crypto ecosystem, enabling seamless and secure transfer of assets across multiple networks.

  • Follow Linea on Twitter

  • Retweet Linea Voyage Bridging Week Announcement

  • Hop Protocol is tasking users to:

  1. Bridge GETH from Goerli to Linea

  2. Bridge USDC from Goerli to Linea

  3. Bridge any amount of HOP on Hop from Goerli to Linea

  4. Bridge any amount of DAI on Hop from Goerli to Linea

  • Celer Network is tasking users to:

  1. Bridge BNB from BSC Testnet to Linea

  2. Bridge BUSD from BSC Testnet to Linea

  • Multichain is tasking users to:

  1. Bridge TUSD to Linea via Multichain

  2. Bridge EUROEe to Linea via Multichain

  • Connext is tasking users to:

  1. Bridge any amount of MATIC from Mumbai to Linea

Join the effort and get started with the Linea Voyage Campaign today!

About Galxe

Galxe is a decentralized super app and web3’s largest onchain distribution platform. Through its robust infrastructure and product suite of modular AI, digital identity, and blockchain technologies — Quest, Passport, Score, Compass, and Alva — Galxe supports the development of advanced, user-friendly web3 applications with an emphasis on secure and self-sovereign digital identity management. The recent introduction of Gravity, a layer 1 omnichain leveraging Galxe’s infrastructure, enables developers to tap into Galxe’s 20 million users and create new products that help onboard the world to web3.

About Gravity

Gravity is a Layer 1 blockchain designed for mass adoption and an omnichain future. Its approach abstracts the technical complexities of multichain interactions, integrating advanced technologies like Zero-Knowledge Proofs, state-of-the-art consensus mechanisms, and restaking-powered architecture to ensure high performance, enhanced security, and cost efficiency. Gravity serves the 20 million users in Galxe’s ecosystem, delivering a seamless and inviting experience to web3’s largest onchain distribution network.

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