Testnet Growth: Linea Voyage

Testnet Growth: Linea Voyage

Testnet Growth: Linea Voyage


Dec 31, 2023

Case Study



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A Testnet Quest Case Study
A Testnet Quest Case Study
A Testnet Quest Case Study


As a fellow web3-er, you must know that scalability limitations are one of the most potent obstacles in this industry.

But what if this isn’t the case?

Enter Linea — a developer-centric zk-rollup by ConsenSys that allows Ethereum developers to build without the constraints of high gas fees or slow transaction speeds while maintaining security. Out of the box, Linea comes with its own set of integrations, such as MetaMask and Truffle, which lets builders plug and play from the get-go.

As Linea gears up for the launch of its mainnet in the coming summer, the project is undergoing thorough testing on its network to ensure it can support partner activities and dApps at scale. This helps the project verify the robustness of the testnet and fix the bugs before transitioning into the mainnet. However, getting an influx of users onto the network takes time and effort.


Linea decided to team up with Galxe for one main reason — experience. Galxe has a staggering record of 17M+ testnet transactions, 650K+ verified users, a community of over 1M on X, and 8M total users to ensure that a testnet achieves the desired number of users on the network.

This collaboration led to the creation of Linea Voyage — a public testnet quest that welcomed all web3 enthusiasts and builders on Galxe. Not only that, Galxe’s community power permitted Linea to leverage over 11 ecosystem partners for this campaign, including Hapi, ThirdWeb, GoPlusSecurity, NFTs2me, GhostNFT, Bilinear, Zonic, Hop Protocol, Celer Network, Multichain and Connext. These collaborations enabled Linea to present a series of tasks with specific themes over five weeks and allowed participants to get a first-hand experience of the Linea network.

The campaign line-up quickly garnered interest from community members and significantly improved the project's exposure. As a result, the Linea network received a large influx of users over the campaign period and provided the team with valuable feedback on its ecosystem.

Diving another level deeper, Galxe’s comprehensive leaderboard empowered Linea to identify and reward their most loyal contributors on the testnet. Following this, Linea also took the first step and kick-started their NFT ecosystem with their exclusive collection on the mainnet to strengthen the loyalty of their most active contributors further. Beyond that, the rewards represented a badge of appreciation for developers who have built impactful products on the Linea network.


With Galxe’s community as the bedrock, we kick-started Linea’s ecosystem with community and protocol growth. Specifically, 50 apps joined the Linea Voyage, over 5.6M unique wallets participated, 50M testnet transactions were submitted on Goerli, and 800K wallets claimed Sybil-prevention credentials during the campaign.

On top of that, the Linea Voyage campaign boosted Linea’s social presence significantly among the community and educated users on the Linea Network and its potential. It provided Linea protocols a resource for sustainable growth for the future.

About Galxe

Galxe is a decentralized super app and web3’s largest onchain distribution platform. Through its robust infrastructure and product suite of modular AI, digital identity, and blockchain technologies — Quest, Passport, Score, Compass, and Alva — Galxe supports the development of advanced, user-friendly web3 applications with an emphasis on secure and self-sovereign digital identity management. The recent introduction of Gravity, a layer 1 omnichain leveraging Galxe’s infrastructure, enables developers to tap into Galxe’s 20 million users and create new products that help onboard the world to web3.

About Gravity

Gravity is a Layer 1 blockchain designed for mass adoption and an omnichain future. Its approach abstracts the technical complexities of multichain interactions, integrating advanced technologies like Zero-Knowledge Proofs, state-of-the-art consensus mechanisms, and restaking-powered architecture to ensure high performance, enhanced security, and cost efficiency. Gravity serves the 20 million users in Galxe’s ecosystem, delivering a seamless and inviting experience to web3’s largest onchain distribution network.

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